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The eastern grey squirrel’s natural habitat is deciduous woodlands. It’s no wonder so many call Arbo their home.

The red-tailed hawk is the most widespread hawk in North America. You might catch one soaring over the Arbo neighbourhood.

Bitternut hickory is a rare Toronto sighting. But since it grows well with other trees, it thrives in the Arbo woodlot.

Jewelweed is another resident of the Arbo neighbourhood. Look for its bright blossoms in the late spring and summer.

Where nature is your neighbour

Welcome to Arbo, a new neighbourhood growing on the edge of Downsview Park. At the heart of the property is a beautiful woodlot so beloved by the community, we named the area after it.

Beside Arbo is the Downsview West District. It’s the best of nature living meets city life. Come on in, and make yourself at home. This is Canada Lands’ emerging district that will provide new housing, including affordable housing, a reimagined Depot building, community and commercial uses.

Follow our growth

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    Arbo Development Zoomed Out City Map
    Arbo Development City Map

    In the city, in the woods

    You can find us under the canopy, just on the edge of Downsview Park. Living in Arbo means easy access to green space—and Toronto’s vibrant urban pace.

    What’s on the horizon

    Picture this: a welcoming mixed-use neighbourhood that includes affordable housing, commercial and retail spaces, lush greenery and other amenities that foster community. That’s the future of Arbo.

    So whether you’re a young family or thinking of retirement, Arbo will be a place you can call your own.

    A nod to our roots

    We’re moving into an area that used to be known as William Baker. While the neighbourhood will be given new life, the woodlot’s mature trees are here to stay.

    To see how we got here, we invite you to take a look through our archive of community bulletins and consultation documents.

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